Presentation Outlines

Hi everyone! Here’s my outline for Open City: Open city presentation


Hey guys! Here’s my outline for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: ELIC Presentation 2/2 –Nicole

And mine for JSF: ELIC Presentation Outline (Orbey)


Hi everyone! Here’s the outline for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.


ELIC Part 1

Here’s my presentation on How the García Girls Lost Their Accents —

García Girls #2 (Luke)


Hi guys! Here are a few thoughts on How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

(harharhar ^ let’s appreciate that I lost the accent here)

english presentation

Hey everyone! Here is my outline for The Kitchen God’s Wife presentation. – Gabe

The Kitchen God’s Wife Presentation Outline (Gabe)

So much to talk about! Here are a few entry points and a central discussion theme we can use.

The Golden Gate Discussion Outline (Chanen)

This is an outline for the last third of Humboldt’s Gift! -Tracy

Hey! Here’s the link to my outline for our first discussion of Humboldt’s Gift.

Humboldt’s Gift (1/3) Rob

Hello class! This is my presentation outline for Native Son,  part 3/3.

Native Son: the Church, the Law, & Other Topics

Hey everyone! Here is my outline for our Native Son discussion. – Gabe

Native Son’s Book Two Presentation Outline

Part 2 of the Maltese Falcon presentations – Sara

Maltese Falcon Presentation Outline

The link is odd, but it still works – Peter


Hopefully I did this right. Anyways, my Age of Innocence Presentation is at the link.   -Sara

Age of Innocence Presentation Outline

Hi, folks—here’s my presentation outline. Cheers.


McTeague Presentation Outline (Orbey)


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