“Ginza Samba”

Robert Pinsky

A monosyllabic European called Sax
Invents a horn, walla whirledy wah, a kind of twisted
Brazen clarinet, but with its column of vibrating
Air shaped not in a cylinder but in a cone
Widening ever outward and bawaah spouting
Infinitely upward through an upturned
Swollen golden bell rimmed
Like a gloxinia flowering
In Sax’s Belgian imagination

And in the unfathomable matrix
Of mothers and fathers as a genius graven
Humming into the cells of the body
Or cupped in the resonating grail
Of memory changed and exchanged
As in the trading of brasses,
Pearls and ivory, calicos and slaves,
Laborers and girls, two

Cousins in a royal family
Of Niger known as the Birds or Hawks…

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Juan Felipe Herrera, new poet laureate

Juan Felipe Herrera, a son of migrant farmworkers whose writing fuses wide-ranging experimentalism with reflections on Mexican-American identity, will be the next poet laureate.

New York Times 6/10/15


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American Literature in the World Graduate Conference

April 8, 2016: 4 panels of papers, plus publication workshop with Gordon Hutner, research workshop with Beinecke curator Melissa Barton, and “Scholars as Writers” workshop with Harvard professor and poet, Stephen Burt.

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